Angus Tapper has walloped Bryan Moore's barely 2 week old 152 kilometer record by almost 20 kilometers, flying 170 kilometers from Coronet Peak to Mount Cook.

Hang glider pilots are now urgently planning how to combat this threat to their record of 177 km.

Angus' Track Log

Mountain Scene Article


Bryan Moore has set a new New Zealand Open Distance Paragliding Record of 152 km, flying from Treble Cone to Mount Cook.

He was accompanied by Pete Groves, who also broke the previous record of 142 km set by Grant Middendorf back in 2009.

Brian's Track Log
Pete's Track Log

And the story in Cross Country Magazine


The Auckland Club had a big turn out of paraglider pilots, on Sunday 9th November 2014, at Moir Hill.

The RASP forecast was predicting light winds, base at 5000ft, and a convergence stretching north.

The site record not only fell, it went down in a screaming heap. Whacked by 9km, almost 20%.

All of the pilots who logged a flight on Leonardo did Site Personal Bests, the majority also doing Leonardo NZ Personal Bests. 9 pilots logged 328km OD.

Have a look at the flights.


Tamborine Launch
The Cross Country Clinic generated a lot of interest from pilots here and Australia with pilots traveling from as far away as Melbourne and Queenstown NZ.

The Canungra Club has seen a fall off in pilots attending the competitions around Australia and wanted to attract new pilots to competition and pilots who felt intimidated flying against some of the best pilots in Australia.

Their motto is that competitions should be geared for the up and coming pilots not the top pilots, with most of the prizes going to the "best of the rest", from a brand new Malibu from Moyes Gliders to cups and t-shirts for the most outstanding efforts of the day from up and coming pilots.

Briefing for CCC
The Canungra Club realizes that the future of their club and Hang Gliding is the up and coming pilots, with the experienced pilots actively supporting all the pilots who are keen to better their flying.

The 3 days of the Cross Country Clinic had pilots being briefed on skills for flying and getting them orientated to the area they would be flying in for the comp, with 10 mentors helping the pilots on the tasks for the day. Mentors included Flocky, Adam Stevens, Dave Stevens(Rangi), Jonny Durant junior and senior to name a few.

John and Lisa, instructors from Queenstown who come to Australia for the winter to instruct, have also played a big part in the CCC helping to organize it and promote the clinic.

NZ pilots attending the CCC
This recognition of up and coming pilots will help attract pilots to competition flying, as this is where they can learn more skills in a week than they would pick up in a year of flying off the local hill and get to meet the guys that can help them get high and far, safely.

After flying here this week, I see that there is great potential for learner and intermediate pilots to learn to become top ranked pilots.

Mark Alton reporting from Canungra, Australia.


Reuben sharing his knowledge.
A record number turned up, on a perfect evening, for the AHGPC WOF night.

And the BBQ was good too.


Pilots heading down from the North Island to the mainland for either the National Hang Gliding Championship, or the PG Open in Wanaka are eligible for substantial discounts with Blue Bridge Ferries. Apply early!

Hangies should contact Mark Alton

Paragliders should contact Derek Divers


Exclusive Interview with Matt Senior - August 2014 - By Johnny Hopper for

Johnny: Matt, you just won a task at the US Nationals that was 200.5km long... Is that really the longest ever competition task?

Matt: I think 200km is the biggest. The closest long tasks we were able to dredge up were two PWC days in Granada, Spain in the year 2000, where people flew between 190 and 200k. Josh recalls one of those being 230k on the task board, but no one made it. The big task in Sun Valley in 2012 was 191k and the winner flew 175.

Johnny: OK, for all intents and purposes we’ll call it the longest. So what was your tactic on the day, and how did you win it? Did you stay with the gaggle, for example?

Matt: My goal for the day was to fly fast and to fly smart. For the first 50km I was with the lead gaggle. Meanwhile Matt Henzi kept attacking and connecting, eventually luring Josh Cohn and Jarred Anderson to push out and join him. Not wanting to be left out I followed slightly off to the north and avoided their brutal line eventually connecting with a great 6m/s climb as the speedy trio struggled low to my south.

Now high and by myself I followed the arrow and tried to fly smart. With about 80km to go the thermals became less consistent so I decided to wait for the gaggle on the top of the next climb. At about 35km from goal the climbs started to weaken causing the lead gaggle to grow to more than 20 pilots. As the gaggle started to connect with the second to last climb a red Boomerang pushed on slightly north of the course line. Meanwhile I struggled to connect with the best parts of the light broken lift working my way to the bottom of the gaggle.

Knowing I would lose following the gaggle I decided to take a different line, so I pushed slightly north towards where I had lost sight of the red Boomerang. As I started my glide it was obvious I was on a loftier line but since I was behind, few noticed until I was out of reach. After gliding about 7km in smooth air I was alone and noticed the Boomerang climbing low and in front. I immediately applied full bar eventually connecting with a solid 2.5m/s climb over Rock Lake and Keith's head. From there the 4:1 CESS was a short glide and I was able to relax and enjoy the unbelievable land scape on the glide in.
[ CESS = Conical End of Speed Section ]

Johnny: And you landed and you had won! That must've been great, did many others get into goal behind you? How was the rest of your comp?

Matt: I think around 35 pilots made goal that day most of whom were in the first group. Although I thought I'd finished well I did actually know I had won the task for sure until 2 days later. The CESS make it impossible to know who wins a task as many pilots approach the line at different angles and at different altitudes. When you combine that with the inaccuracy of the various instruments it impossible to know for sure.

The rest of the comp was epic most task were over 100km and we flew seven out of seven days. The only things we had to deal with all week were the smoke from two separate fires, lots of dust devils and long days in the saddle.

Johnny: What's your tactic for dealing with dust Devils?

Matt: My tactic for dust devils is to keep vigilant eye out for them as they are always a good sign of lift. However I always give them the respect they deserve down low and will totally avoid them if I'm less than 200m from the ground.

During one task we were waiting for the start on the flats we noticed a pilot low head straight for a dust devil at about 50m above the ground, before flying directly into the dusty he changed his heading slightly and ended up circumnavigating the base of the dusty landing safely less than 5m from it. It was possible the most dangerous thing I have ever seen anybody do.

Johnny: So can you tell me about your kit? What are you flying, wearing and what have you got in your pockets up there?

Matt: My Kit:  I fly an Enzo 2 Medium about 7-8kg below the top of the weight range, If you want to not be at an unfair advantage you need to be on an Enzo 2. My Harness is a Swing Connect Race with an additional front mount reserve. I usually fly in shorts with a light down jacket on under speed sleeves. During long flights I will some times eat a cliff bar (energy bar) and usually have a shot of caffeinated energy gel about 30-40km from goal and wash it down with a little water.

Johnny: So you are now ranked 198 in the world, which is by far the highest ranking for any kiwi. You will almost certainly be representing New Zealand in the World Championships in Colombia in January... do you have big plans for that?

Matt: My result in Chelan moves me back up into the top 200 :) The top 100 would be nicer, I've been unlucky with my results from two previous competitions, I was disqualified from 39th at the Super Final for flying the Enzo 2 the same one I flew in Chelan. I also podiumed in the Pre World Cup in Bir, India last October however the comp wasn't sanctioned by FAI because of internal issues.

I'm super excited to represent New Zealand again at the worlds in Colombia. Rolda is a fantastic place to race and with the consistent flying conditions it will be another endurance event which will see the most consistent pilots rise to the top.

My goal in Colombia is to have fun and try and score 900 points or more in each task if I can do that I think I should place well.

Johnny: Is there any chance that we will see you back here for the PG Open in Wanaka in January? The World Championships would have been a good warm up for that? ;)

Matt: I would love to come to Wanaka in January and fly with you guys and gals. With the world finishing on the 25th of Jan and my first 300 Peaks tour starting on the 7 of Feb in Thailand it might be a wee bit squeeze.

Johnny: Well we would certainly love to see you there. Thanks for the interview, Matt - and all the best, particularly for Colombia. Cheers, Johnny.

Full Scoring for the Chelan US Nationals, showing Matt’s awesome win are all here: Chelan 2014


The Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club is holding a 40th Anniversary/Reunion.

Its been 40 years since the AHGPC was established; shortly after modern hang gliding was introduced to New Zealand circa 1973.

So we are having a reunion of past and present members, a bit of nostalgia, some catching up with friends and aquaintances, and of course some fun.

Plans include a social gathering with some short presentations from founding and current members, archival videos/movies and photos, and at least one Rogallo Glider.

For more information and tickets go to: Cloudbase


Matt Senior, a New Zealand pilot resident in the USA, is doing well in the US Paragliding Nationals, which are happening at Chelan.

Matt won the second task, and after two tasks was coming second overall.



The PCC can now confirm that the 2015 PG Open will have only one round, which will be held in Wanaka from 31st January 2015 to 8th February 2015.

More information will be posted on 


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Saturday 1st, a dog leg to the North East past Lake Rewewhakaaitu.
Task Results: Highcloud.

Final result -

Reuben takes out Open, Sport, and Fun.

Open: 1.Reuben Muir, 2.Grant Middendorf,  3.Mark Hardman.
Sport: 1.Reuben Muir, 2.Mark Hardman, 3.Peter Taylor.
Fun: 1.Reuben Muir, 2.Peter Taylor, 3.Brian Doub.
Women: 1.Melanie Heather, 2.Eva Walton-Keim, 3.Sandy Yong.

Full Results: Highcloud.


Thursday: A little bit of ridge, then over the back for a little out and return, landing after 47km at Reporoa.

Five Gins in Goal.

Results: Highcloud.


Tuesday: Another along the ridge task, this time 31km at the Kaimais.

Over half of the pilots in goal.

Results: Highcloud.


Monday a big curved task of 46km, with goal toward Taupo.

Four in Goal, with LTF 1/2s filling three of the spots.

Results: Highcloud.


Looks like it was a straight-out ridge race in testing conditions with no-one making Goal. Sunday doesn't look good for flying but the rest of the week is promising.

Task 1 Results: Highcloud.

Paeroas launch at Noon.


Final result.

1. Geoff Christophers, 254.0kms
2. Rick Hawkeswood, 241.7kms
3. Grant Tatham, 232.8kms
4 .Leslie Graham, 227.4kms
5. Sebastian Katz, 216.7kms


Saturday 1st, back to Mt. Murchison. Grant Middendorf wins, and takes Round One of the PG Open.

Task Results: Highcloud.

Final result -

Open: 1.Grant Middendorf, 2.Reuben Muir, 3.Ital Almog.
Sport: 1.Reuben Muir, 2.Roy Tingay, 3.Nick Taber.
Fun: 1.Reuben Muir, 2.Nick Taber, 3.Phil Nystek.
Women: 1.Antje Daehler, 2.Melanie Heather, 3.Gladys Gomez.

Full Results: Highcloud.


Friday 31st, saw a Task set from Mt. Murchison to Maruia Junction. With 16 pilots reaching goal. Some overflying to add on some XC kilometres.

Results: Highcloud.


Wednesday's Task at Takaha was cut short by a little distraction, a successful reserve deployment and helicopter retrieval. Thankfully no injuries.

Provisional results: Highcloud.


Itai Almog: "Strong climbs, long fast glides, stunning views... Just what the doctor ordered!"

Only one in goal again.

2nd Valid Task: Results at Highcloud.


Another awesome day !! Mark Alton 90 k's two at 80 a few at 70 k's blue day thermal height 6000 ft looking great for tomorrow!


Epic day ! Geoff Christopher, Paris Williams, Neil Howe, Baz Katz, Rick Hawkeswood, Leslie Graham all flew 105 k's today. 5hrs of great flying under average looking sky's.


Great first day (Saturday) of the comp with 8 pilots flying further than 40 k's and Grant Tatham flying a pb in nz of 104 k's! ! Weather looking good for the rest of the week. Rest day today (Sunday) due to passing front.


Nice to see our sport hitting the "News" in a good light.

Tim Percival advises: The NZ FAI Triangle record distance was 96.2km not the 117km quoted in the article. (96.2km is the scoring distance when drawing a triangle that starts and ends at the same point, allowing for a maximum mis-close gap of only 2%.