There will be an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition on the weekend of the 12 and13th of March 2016.

The following weekend is the reserve date.

FAI Cat-2 sanction is pending.

Sites will be either Dills, Moirs, Pukemore, Kaimais or Paeroas.

All qualified NZHGPA PG pilots are welcome.

All details available at where you can also register, please.


Those wonderful competition organisers down in Nelson! Not only are they busy organising round two of the PG Open but they have also created a new trophy and gifted this to the national competition scene.

The "Personal Best Trophy" will be won by the pilot who best exceeds their personal best open distance flight during the competition.

You can win the trophy at the PG Open in Nelson.

Here is a picture of the trophy and the formal rules are pasted below.

4.8.11 Personal Best Trophy The Personal Best Trophy is particularly aimed at beginner and intermediate level pilots to encourage fun, skill improvement and increased participation in New Zealand Paraglider Flight Competitions.

The PB Trophy is open to NZ pilots that participate in the current annual New Zealand Paragliding Open and fly a Personal Best Open distance.

“Open distance” in NZ is as specified in section 6.6.1 of the rules. Open Distance is the measurement used for Personal Best, regardless of the task type flown in the competition.

A pilot must fly a minimum of 20 kilometres (“Open Distance”) in the current Competition in New Zealand in order to qualify for the PB Trophy.

Their best competition open distance flight will be measured and compared, in percentage terms, to their previous registered career personal best distance (as stipulated at Competition registration, though this figure may subsequently be verified).

In the event that the 20 kilometre Open Distance requirement is not triggered during the competition then the trophy will not be awarded for that given year.

The pilot with the highest open distance increase, over and above their previous registered Personal Best, in percentage terms, as per the PB Rules, will be awarded the PB Trophy.

The PB Trophy will be awarded at the completion of the Competition and will display the winners name and distance flown.


Not only did Nick Neynens crack 200 kilometres (211) on Christmas Day 2015 flying from just NW of Lake Hawea to near Arthur's Pass, he crushed it on the 5th January 2016 with a 9 hour 36 minute, 235 kilometre flight from just N of Lake Wakatipu to N of Lake Tekapo.



Share My Joys - Christmas Day and Leonardo Flight Track

Share My Joys - 5th January and Leonardo Flight Track