Tamborine Launch
The Cross Country Clinic generated a lot of interest from pilots here and Australia with pilots traveling from as far away as Melbourne and Queenstown NZ.

The Canungra Club has seen a fall off in pilots attending the competitions around Australia and wanted to attract new pilots to competition and pilots who felt intimidated flying against some of the best pilots in Australia.

Their motto is that competitions should be geared for the up and coming pilots not the top pilots, with most of the prizes going to the "best of the rest", from a brand new Malibu from Moyes Gliders to cups and t-shirts for the most outstanding efforts of the day from up and coming pilots.

Briefing for CCC
The Canungra Club realizes that the future of their club and Hang Gliding is the up and coming pilots, with the experienced pilots actively supporting all the pilots who are keen to better their flying.

The 3 days of the Cross Country Clinic had pilots being briefed on skills for flying and getting them orientated to the area they would be flying in for the comp, with 10 mentors helping the pilots on the tasks for the day. Mentors included Flocky, Adam Stevens, Dave Stevens(Rangi), Jonny Durant junior and senior to name a few.

John and Lisa, instructors from Queenstown who come to Australia for the winter to instruct, have also played a big part in the CCC helping to organize it and promote the clinic.

NZ pilots attending the CCC
This recognition of up and coming pilots will help attract pilots to competition flying, as this is where they can learn more skills in a week than they would pick up in a year of flying off the local hill and get to meet the guys that can help them get high and far, safely.

After flying here this week, I see that there is great potential for learner and intermediate pilots to learn to become top ranked pilots.

Mark Alton reporting from Canungra, Australia.


Reuben sharing his knowledge.
A record number turned up, on a perfect evening, for the AHGPC WOF night.

And the BBQ was good too.


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