Just over a week until the scheduled Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition – November 2015.

Although the long distance forecast is not looking great it’s now time to start getting ready.

We have a wonderfully large number of pilots registered for this competition, so below are some pointers to help you get organised.

The decision whether we are on or not, and the likely area will be made at 2000hrs on Thursday 26th November 2015 and this will be posted on the Airtribune website.

The meeting point on the Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th will be either:

  • Puhoi Pub – for Auckland area 
  • TBD – for Pukemore area 
  • Corner Ngapouri Road – for Paeroas 
  • Ronnies CafĂ©, Matamata – for Kaimais

Meeting time is 10:00 for most pilots, and 09:30 if it’s your first comp or you need explanations or help.

New waypoint files have been created for both Auckland and Paeroa/Kaimais areas, you should download these from either the Airtribune Competition Page or the NZHGPA website.

Maps will be available shortly for download at the same locations.

Unless you have a modern instrument that can hold large numbers of waypoints then you will need to choose which files you upload once the announcement is made as to where the comp will be held.

We STRONGLY recommend practising and doing this in advance of the competition. While help is available in advance – it will be very difficult to provide technical assistance on the weekend itself – so please be ready.

Downloads of IGC files
As usual, we will use Highcloud for scoring.

Please be very familiar with the process of downloading an IGC file from you instrument after your flight.

Again – technical assistance on the weekend itself will be limited so please practise this in advance.

If you have a Flymaster instrument then a computer will be available to assist with downloads, though it’s still better to have your own facility for doing this.

If you have any other type of instrument, particularly Garmin, then the comp organisers expect you to be able to do this yourself. Failure to upload a tracklog after a task results in a zero score.

NZHGPA Membership
Some of those registered for the competition are still not members of the NZHGPA. If you are not a member of the NZHGPA on the weekend of the comp then you will not be allowed to partake (and you shouldn’t actually be flying a paraglider in New Zealand at all). No exceptions.

All wings need to have a valid WOF. All pilots need to have an altimeter, GPS, back protection, reserve parachute and 2-way UHF radio.

Questions and issues? Please don’t wait until the day itself.

Contact Johnny Hopper on 021 056 2275
Or Kyla MacDonald on 021 056 2320

Cheers, Johnny

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