Worlds - Day 2 Task 2

The weather has improved here so we stayed at Feltre for task two.
The task was to fly down the ridge to Belluno, taking a turnpoint in the flats then across the valley, back to the ridge, back past launch to take the last point before end of speed on the north side of the range to the south. A technical task to say the least. Base was again around 1500m an the waiting for the start was a bit like driving in a southern italian city.. hectic for those not so used to it. The start saw the leaders flying full bar down the ridge, some getting too low in the shade and bombing out but most having no issues. Around the second turnpoint the gliders split into groups taking the ridge and those opting for the more direct route in the plains. The plains choice proved problamatic for Stuart who eventually bombed out with 2/3 of his gaggle, the others eventually making goal. Louis persevered on the ridge but also eventually bombed while the hero of the day, Matt made goal about 30mins after the winner, reigning world champion Honarin Hamard, taking 70th place. 

Results on airtribune.

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