So the second attempt at the Auckland Regional competition was a success! Phew, what a relief.

It wasn’t looking good as we sat on top of Moirs on Saturday morning waiting for some wind to come up the hill. And especially not after seeing a couple of pilots head fairly quickly to the bomb-out paddock.

However, Andy Spierer kicked it all into action when he launched and seemed to take an escalator to the clouds.

The task took us over to Dark Summit then to a massive 16km cylinder around Waipu.

Wayne was the day winner, being the only pilot in goal, followed by Anand & Evan, who also made it through the Dome Valley. A smattering of pilots was left along Woodcocks Rd & SH1, trying to avoid the rain that set in later in the afternoon.

Sunday was a pretty clear day for Dills, and we headed up early. The forecast was looking hot. Task was set to take us slightly north to Dills North, then over to Ahuroa and finally goal in Rewiti.

It was another slow start, with the sky looking great but nothing happening on launch. A few free-flyers and students weren’t finding anything lifting, and we had a couple of front-runners taking one for the team and bombing down below.

But the time came. Rodger, Robbo, Graham & Andy chanced it, and got up and away. That kicked us all into gear. It was a bit of a grind, but most of us managed to eventually get up and away. No pilots in goal, but some good flights. Joe Ward must get a special mention for climbing up from the bomb-out twice, and getting away on his third flight, well and truly incentivised to stay up.

The drama started when we got to Kaukapakapa pub for a debrief and to load track logs. Rodger was clearly in the lead, and we were certain the trophy would go home with him. Until the penalty kicked in for a minor accidental rule infringement. Ouch!! Graham’s track log was then scrutinised. Another ouch!! Robbo, who was now in the lead, also appeared to have a breach! After a bit of forensic analysis of Robbo’s instruments and flight log, Comp Director Hopper determined that Robbo had in fact stayed within allowed limits. 

That meant Robbo won the day, and was also the overall competition winner. Way to go, Robbo!

You’re not going to get the trophy past Rodge without a tussle though!

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