The New Zealand Paragliding Competition Season has finished for 2014/15 and the National Ladder is now final.

Please download the ladder from here

Congratulations to Grant Middendorf who is still top of the ladder. with Reuben Muir still in second place. Eva Keim is the highest female in eighth place.

Derek Divers has re-entered the Top Ten at the expense of Nick Taber.

Visiting pilot Hugo Robben did well at the PG Open and is the pilot on the ladder who has scored the most points, however that's just what happens when a visiting gun-pilot comes to the PG Open, so kudos really goes to Louis Tapper who scored 76 ladder points.

Joint biggest ladder climbers are Johnny Hopper and Kyla MacDonald each climbing 11 ladder places this season. However, MacDonald is quick to point out that she has scored 61 ladder points; 1 more than Hopper and has therefore, apparently, "won".

There were exactly 100 pilots on the ladder at the end of the season, 39 of which mainly fly in the North Island and 61 of which mainly fly in the South. This more or less directly matches the distribution of points. While this shows that the South Island has more competition pilots it also shows that we are equally bad.

 Before next season all pilots will have their points reduced by 10% which means that 278 is the magic number... if you've got this or more ladder points then you will survive the cut, as all pilots with less than 250 points are removed from the ladder between seasons.

Any questions, queries etc... please contact the PCC

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