Canterbury Regional Paragliding Competition Scheduled


 The Canterbury regional comp will be held from Friday 1st of march 2019 to Sunday 3rd of March 2019 in the Craigieburns (Mt Cheeseman/Castle Hill area).

Comp Organiser : Michal Talavasek -022 340 4511

Or you can contact:

Jean brossard -0211439993
Richard Castro -0211162626

To express interest please email

Entry fee is 20$ to be paid at first briefing to confirm your spot with a maximum of 60 pilot allowed

Here are the Waypoints file link for the comp:  (Craigieburn Competition waypoints 2013.wpt)

A Doc campground nearby is good option for a place to stay.

Well, that sounds fine and dandy but what if the weather isn’t always on for paragliding? Should I still go? What is there to do??

Well, the Castle Hill area is spectacular on its own and offers cool sights and activities for all.

The rock climbing/bouldering is great and there is even a cool cave to explore near by.

The mountain bike is also great and well organised, offering kilometres of established trails. You should get your fix one way or another...

Links are here:

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