PG Open 2019 in Nelson kicks off

Louis landing at goal. Is that his retrieve racing him there?

The flying season in NZ has given us a lot of strong wind and not enough flying across the country, so now that the good weather is here, we’re not wasting it.

A successful HG Nationals finished at Murchison on Saturday, followed immediately by the start of the Nelson PG Open on Sunday. 
Task 1 took the paragliders to Mt Murchison on a clear blue day.

The task was set down south to Mataki Corner, over to Brook Rd Tower, then Mt Balaclava and back to Tutaki airstrip for goal.

Louis Tapper won the day being first in goal and collecting a heap of leadout points. He needs to watch his back though, cause Mark Hardman is nipping at his trailing edge and spent a fair bit of time leading out in the task too. Richard Castro isn’t far behind.

The top pilots are flying noticeably faster this year.

Also congratulations to Blake, Petr, Aaron & Daniel who are celebrating their first time in goal – well done guys.

For Task 2 we hit up Barnicoat, taking advantage of the small window we had to get a task done before the sea breeze picked up. The task was stopped about 45 minutes in, before anyone could make it all the way around the course. Some tricky landings in strong wind but everyone got down safely. Track logs are still coming in for that one.

You can follow the competition live tracking here:

Results are here:

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