The Kiwi team rocked up with high expectations for some great flying in Canungra, especially after seeing one of the Ozzie’s pull out a 247km flight here last week.

Looks like we aren’t the only ones, with 90 pilots registered for the competition.

Those in the know told us the forecast for Saturday was pretty marginal. Ever the optimists, we headed up to Beechmont for a look. The task was set, with a 7.5km start cylinder, and goal at Kalbar, a distance of about 60km.

Launch had to be suspended a few times due to congestion, with 60 to 70 wings fighting to stay in up, but in the end all pilots managed to get off, with a smattering getting away. Dave Snowden managed the furthest distance, just under 23km.

Kris Ericksen is New Zealand’s national hero for the Task, being the top Kiwi & winning the Fun class prize for the day. First flight on his new wing, so let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

See here for scores:

And check out the Live Tracking – this is quite cool:

 Good team preparation.

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