Evan & Mark celebrating GOAL!
The forecast for Sunday was looking more promising, so the pilots headed up to Beechmont for more action.

There appeared to be something wrong with the windsocks though, as they were all blowing backwards. Fortunately we are a patient bunch (Tui ad?), and we started to see puffs coming up the hill.

The task was set to Bord with a 5km radius, then Pale with a 10km radius, and goal at Rath. Dave Gibbs, the Comp Organiser promised us 30% of pilots would be in the bombout, but he got that wrong - turns out about 30% made it to goal.

That included a few Kiwis. John Smith was the first to make it there, followed closely by Evan Lamberton & Mark Hardman. Roy Tingay just missed out, making it to End of Speed but not quite touching the goal cylinder.

Cameron had the most exciting flight of the day though, getting 40km around the track then getting smashed by the sea breeze. Twas a bit strong on landing, and he went for a bit of a roll. Fortunately it was on his left side, and Task 3 will be a right turn day.

Cam about to start a great flight. Photo credit: Uncle Don Kennedy

Nice legs Cam. But the flight made it all worth while. You deserve that beer. Photo credit: Johnny Hopper

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