It was another day of marginal looking conditions, with thunderstorms forecast to come in from the south.

We weren’t sure it would be taskable, but headed up to Tambo to check things out.

Task was set to start at North Tamborine, then down in the south west to Laravale, and over Locked Gate Valley to goal at Coulson.

The sea breeze came in shortly after the task started, and everyone kept a good eye on the clouds building to the south & east, but the course line was clear. For a couple of hours, anyway.

Eventually the sea breeze hit the course, as well as rain, and the task was stopped. The timing was probably right to stop the task, because although it seemed fine in the air, there were a lot of vertical landings.

Evan was the lead Kiwi for the day, making it to goal. Unfortunately due to the 5-minute countback from Task Stop time, it’s not scoring that way.

Cameron had another great flight too. Not hearing that the task was stopped, he carried on to goal. Soiling himself all the way, it should be noted, as landing options were few. Had he known that it was Locked Gate Valley he was flying over, he may truly have needed a change of pants. If you hadn’t guessed, Locked Gate Valley is so named because of the big padlocked gates preventing retrieve vehicle access.

All pilots made it back to the pub before the massive thunderstorm & lightshow hit Canungra.

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