Not inspired to launch
Tuesday we had another go at Hinchcliffe’s, with a task set to Laravale, then down to Hillview and back up to Bromelton for goal.

Conditions were a bit wonky, with a strong and steady breeze coming up the hill, and the low clouds above blasting over the back. As soon as the launch window was open, it was immediately suspended.

After a short wait, there was a re-brief called, and the day was canned.

Heaps of pilots had taken their wings out though, and it looked somewhat flyable, so a few launched. It wasn’t convincing enough for everyone, so most pilots packed up for the drive down. No one flying got very far, and it wasn’t long before rain came in so all had to get on the deck.

Wednesday was the day we had been watching for, with epic looking conditions. We headed to Beechmont early, where it was switching on and off. Not quite epic, but certainly taskable.

The task was set over Locked Gate Valley (guess why it’s called that?) to Coulson, then down to Croftby for goal – a distance of 75km. The conditions were not easy, and saw busloads of strong pilots hit the bombout. Thankfully re-flights were allowed, so most got a second chance.
Kiwis in the launch slots
Wally from Bright won the task (again!), just a few km short of goal. Wayne was the top Kiwi (again!), at 30.29km. That puts him 5th overall!! He definitely brought his A-game, but he’s not sharing his secrets.

Actually he is – get high and fly far. I think we’ll try that tomorrow, thanks Wayne.

Andy Maloney from Wellington won the Fun class for the day.

Thursday’s forecast suggested a blowout later in the day, so we got off for an early start. At the turnoff for Beechmont the buses stopped for a decision on whether to head to Beechmont or to Hinchcliffe’s. After a thirty minute wait, the call was made for neither – it was already blown out.

Ivan the Russian Australian offered to give his famous safety brief, entitled Kill the Bastard. The main takeaway for me was his good news that ‘some of uz not gonna die today’. Also that if you put a fridge on a good wing, it will glide better than a fridge on a crap wing. Guess we won’t dispute that.

Now it’s bush walks, beer drinking, comp barbie and hope for good weather for the last two days of the comp. And try not to be too envious of the crew in the Indian Himalayas, who seem to be getting a whole lot more airtime than we are.

Results are here: Canungra Cup 2016 Results

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