Sunday's weather forecast was for a lot of South, so we headed to Hinchcliff’s for the best chance of a fly. It was howling when we arrived, and a few optimistic souls were heard to talk about it ‘just being a wee gust’. The wee gust was pretty d*mn persistent.

A task was set, giving us all good practice remembering how to use our instruments. That’s all it was though, because after half an hour of waiting, we decided that the wee gust was not finished with us, so the task was canned.

The forecast for Monday was not looking promising, so we were mostly surprised when the call was made to head to Tamborine on Monday morning. It was the keenest we’ve been, with lots of pilots pulling their wings out to get ready.

The task was set down to Kyogle NSW, with a waypoint at Lions Road, a distance of 78.2km. To borrow Evan’s words, it was a day of low saves, with no one getting very high and only two pilots in goal.

Wayne was the top Kiwi, in seventh place with 60.2km. Roy also made it into the top ten at 49.1km. So tell us guys, how do you like your new wings?!

In non-flying news, we have a Kiwi bootcamp running at 05:30 every morning. Leighton has been giving us drills (military push ups – no cheating!) and we are starting to suspect he’s trying to break us. It’s working, but we’re addicted. Brucie’s been spotted all over town on his unicycle, and Johnny’s juggling anything he can find. 

Fingers crossed for more good flying on Tuesday.

Results are here: Canungra Cup 2016 Results

(Photos all ripped off from Dominique's Facebook page)

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