Long Gully - Task 3

High cloud with patches of lower cloud and light SSE winds.

After tracking down the owner we got up the hill and set up on all three sides of the ridge.

Clint got away off the hill first under overcast skies and found a nice thermal to take him drifting down the ridge towards the first turn point at Mt Maude.

Others soon followed but we could see that they were not getting the luck that Clint had.

The sun was on the ground over towards Wanaka and slowly moving our way, so when it hit the hill Grant got off and climbed out on the lee side getting good height.

Others followed as the shut off time of 5pm was not far off.

Tight lee side thermals made it hard to get enough height but some persisted and they were paid off and made their way down the Hawea range.

John and Bill got to goal at Pembroke Park in Wanaka to show that it could be done.

Adriel Kind in sport class made it out to the D.O.C camp ground and showed the more skilled pilots how it was done.

All the novices got off the hill, picking up the thermals on the lee side of the hill to land out on the flats below the range.

Wednesday is looking like its going to be a boomer day.

Task 3 Results

Mark Alton

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