Treble Cone. Wind light northerly and cycling up the bowl in front of the car park at the top of the road.

The novices were keen to get off before the task started and we could see that there were light thermals down at Pub Corner.

The course was up around the corner to Crash Peak and then out to Cromwell.

John Smith, Hagen and Shane Mackay took off to find it was very light and scratchy. Other pilots followed and those on the hill could see that it was hard work to get up. 

After a while pilots could be seen getting high further down the ridge so the rest of us piled off and found lift to the south of the waterfall at the Pyramid. 

Those who got high headed up to turnpoint 1 but did not find any lift to get us above the wpt and reach the turnpoint.  Lots of gliders in the bomb out but to our surprise we found out that John Smith and Bill Degan were on their way to goal.

John and Bill made goal, but due to no other pilots getting to wpt 1 it was a low scoring day.

One of the free flyers,  Niall Mueller texted in to tell us he had made it down 60km past Alexandra and had flown 130km, a personal best. It goes to show that an average day on the hill can lead on to a great cross country. 

Task Two Results

Mark Alton

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  1. Nice posts Mark!
    Any chance of some scores or top places so far?
    See you guys on Friday for a fly.
    happy landings
    Rod Stuart