Wanaka Day 6 task 5
Top of Grandview 5000ft
Light easterly, great conditions.

The task was north to Breast Peak and then west to Mt Maude, south west to Mt Iron, back to Grandview, with goal at Pembroke Park. 63km.

John was first off followed by Tom Kellner. John got weak lift on the southern ridge while Tom scratched low and made his way out front. John flew north to get out from under the cloud building above take off and when Tom hit the sun out in front of the hill he found a thermal to take him to 8000ft.

The rest of us piled off the hill when the sun came back on the hill. Some pilots got good height while others worked their way along the ridge to Breast.

Those who did not leave Breast with good height had a hard scratch at the base of Mt Maude. Lift was found before and around Mt Iron. The 15km glide back to Grandview could be topped up with thermals along the way and patience was needed if the cloud above Grandview had shaded the hill.

John was first into goal with Bill, Dave Austin, Andrew Mc Kirdy, Grant reaching there also along with a few others.

Tom Kellner had a two hour flight and flew direct to Pembroke.

Kim the novice got to 8000ft and Ian Miller kept his first place position in Sport class getting nearly wpt 4.

Dave Austin won the day.

All the novices had great flights and lots of practice thermaling.

Task 5 Results
Provisional After 5 Tasks

Mark Alton

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