Grandview was the take off for Day One of the 2015 Hang Gliding National in Wanaka.

The event attracted 24 pilots registered and 5 novices turned up to learn from the more experienced pilots.

The task was down to Long Gully and back up into a light NW wind to Breast Peak and then out to Wanaka with the possibility to land in the park in town.

Take offs were a bit rough due to the bowl facing west and the wind NW with clear blue skies, but everyone got away. One novice I meet at 5,500ft above Grand View later told me that he had used the more advanced pilots to show him the way, so much for wind dummies.

The second leg into wind was difficult with light lift, so a few pilots where lost on the way. Turn point two need large cajones if you were not above Breast Peak.

Light lift above the Hawera Flats got you a good glide into Wanaka.

Three pilots made it into goal,  J. Smith, B. Hagen, and M. Alton.

Day one was a great start for the 8 day comp.

Task One Results

Mark Alton

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