Viv the only ex-pat Kiwi at the Comp
Sunday 10 April   Day one

Task :
Dalby to  Cecil 46km to the south.
Cecil to DDSC 36km to the NE .
DDSC to Dalby 32km to the NW.
Total 110km First start gate 13:15

Weather : light Northerly going to light NW late afternoon.

Towing started a bit late and two extra start gates were added to allow for this, making a total of 6 start gates.

Good thermals were found after releasing from the tow but stopped at 6000ft, so the sky became crowded with gliders waiting for the conditions to get better. Most pilots took the 13:45 start gate, with a few in the first gate and about 12 in the second.

The sky was blue down to waypoint 1 but good thermals were found which kept the field tight. Rounding waypoint one clouds started to fill the sky but lift was not always strong, but this did not stop pilots moving and a few low saves were made.

After reaching waypoint 2, height was needed as a light to moderate head wind was encountered along the course to goal. With 40 pilots in goal it was a classic Dalby day and a good start to the comp.

Paris won the day in 2hrs .08min with John Smith coming in the top ten but his results are yet to be processed. With Derek falling just short of goal, all the other Kiwi pilots made it to goal, with some pilots coming in less than an hour before sunset.

Paris had a good run to waypoint 1 keeping the speed on and pulling out of light thermals. Catching up with the 13:30 start pilots he did not take the thermal they were in and passed the waypoint and picked up a good one further on and kept the pace on to waypoint 2. Getting to cloud base above the Feed Lot he took a line to the right of course to get under the cloud street and had a direct run to goal from 26km out to win the day.

Capt Flocky and Hagan sharing a joke

Camp Kiwi

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