The National Paragliding Ladder is now finalised for the end of the 2015/16 season, and it includes results from both the Nelson PG Open and the Auckland Regional Comp.

You can download the PDF version here.

The top ten has changed quite a bit over the season – with four in and four out.

Reuben Muir has jumped into the top spot, due to very consistent flying in both rounds of the PG Open, and was crowned as National Champion too.

Jeff Ripley has climbed several spots into second. New comers in the top ten include Roy Tingay, Glen Stevens and Louis Tapper. Notably – Wellington legend Andy Maloney has also managed to secure a spot at number ten. A great achievement as he was a new ladder entry this season.

Leo Geary Trophy winner, Leighton Joll, who has only been flying for just over a year, has established himself in joint 16th position – go Leighton!

Over the winter the scores will all be reduced by 10% and then anyone below 250 points will be removed from the ladder.

Feel free to be get touch with the PCC if you have any questions about the ladder, or about how you got (or lost) the points that you did.

Johnny and the PCC

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