Getting ready to tow
Task: Dalby - 45km - Kumbar - 64km - Gums - 21km - Surdev

Total 132km
Weather E 20 kph

Thursday, the wind was too strong to launch so the day was cancelled.

Towing started at 11:30 with clouds to the NW and East but nothing over the aerodrome, so those launching early found light lift and a bit of inversion at 3500ft but that soon cleared and climbs to 7000ft were gained.

With few clouds on course to the forest and high cloud to the west after crossing the forests it would be an interesting day.

The first start was at 13:15 with two gaggles, one to the SE and the other to the SW. Start gate two was the larger gaggle and also had two main gaggles. Good climbs were found to waypoint 1 and heights of 8500ft were gained before the crossing of the forests towards waypoint 2.

After crossing the forest things slowed down and climbs took longer to get to the top of the thermal but with good height waypoint 2 was reached and with 20 km to goal and good height it was a glide for most pilots. 41 pilots made it into goal with the first getting 1000 points for the day and the last 391.

John was the fastest Kiwi into goal with Paris second fastest and with five others getting there as well.
Breakfast of Champions

Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing

Morniing Briefing



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