Task: Dalby - 22km - Jimhous - 18km - Macal - 34km - Brigal - 14km - Warra

Total 89Km

First Start Gate 12:30
Weather: light SE afternoon rain

After a day cancelled due to bad weather everyone was keen to give it a go today even though rain was forecast for the afternoon.

The start gate was put forward and hour but as towing started at 11am dark clouds were forming to the east.

By around 11:30 a rain cell was east of Dalby heading our way. The tow up was a long one as lift was to the west of the rain cell 4km from the airfield.

Most of the pilots chose to get lift here and a weather eye was kept on the rain as it slowly moved west towards us.

By the time of the first start gate the rain had still not reached us and most pilots had over 6000ft and a few had climbed up the side of the cloud to get a lot more height.

Good lift was found around the course as we worked our way to the NW in a zig zag route. Everywhere lift was found, rain was not far away and with 1500ft up thermals it made for a quick race.

Good time could be made by picking a good line, as a direct line was not always the quickest way to the waypoint.

Unfortunately for the lead pilots the day was stopped for safety, but it is unclear if the interim results that have been published will be adjusted.

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