Day 7:

Forecast light SE winds. Inversion and mostly blue made a difficult start to the day but once pilots were 50 -70km out cu's were forming and later streets were at 3000m 100 and 200 plus km flights again.

I bombed after 10km.

Day 8 final day:

Similar conditions to yesterday a couple of pilots launched on east launch before the wind changed to the SW then W.

Borah shuffle had everyone moving to west launch, tricky conditions to start with thick inversion and cu's starting at Barraba and Houghton valley.

Lots of pilots down at Tapoly/Barraba. 100 and 200km plus flights again.

I did a PB of 85km landing short of Bingara.

120 pilots attended. 50 PBs, good flying 7 out of 8 days, just under 30,000km flown.

What a great event!

Leonardo Flights Friday
Leonardo Flights Saturday

Joe Ward

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