Although it turned out we couldn’t get a task in on Tuesday, it was a productive day.

The Paragliding Competition Committee elections were held, with Cameron Kennedy elected to join Tim Brown & Johnny Hopper on the PCC.

The pilots then met at Treble Cone to check whether conditions were viable. It turned out to be too strong, so Sam Bartholomew, who has been running a paragliding-specific first aid course with a group of pilots, led the group in a few accident scenarios.

It was a great exercise for both the people doing the course, who acted as team leaders for the incident, and the wider pilot group. Feedback is that it was quite realistic (and remarkable, all the pilots in the scenario had very similar injuries!)

I hope all the distributors in NZ have plenty of light-weight equipment in stock, because after Bryan Moore’s talk last night, pilots are really fired up about hike and fly and vol-biv.

Bryan spoke a bit about preparing for vol-biv, and did a show and tell of a few of his flights, including several breath-taking photos.

Nick Neynens also talked through some of his recent flights in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan & France.

Hearing about these flights is really encouraging and a few pilots have reported that it's given them confidence to give hike and fly a go themselves. 

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