Saturday saw us in the air again!

Very happy to get another successful task at Treble Cone. This one was similar to Task 1: down to Shania Spur, back to Crash Ridge, over to Glendhu Hill, back up to Rocky Hill, down to Mid Triangle & back to the bomb out.

No one made goal; Middy was the task winner, with Russell in close second.

We raced over to Luggate for our celebration dinner & the awards. As we suspected, the competition wasn't valid for the purposes of selecting the NZ National Champion & NZ Women's Champion as we didn't have a high enough total task value, so we reverted to the National Ladder to determine those winners.

Well, it turns out that even if the weather in NZ can be unreliable and inconsistent, we can always rely on Grant Middendorf & Eva Keim to be on form.

Middy was the competition winner as well as being top of the Ladder - which makes him NZ National Champion for 2015.
Eva was the top female in both the comp & ladder, so she takes home the title of NZ Women's Champion.

Congratulations to them both - well & truly champs!

Overall results are here.

Good work by the Task Committee of Mark, Louis & Jeff in working with what the weather handed them (it wasn't much, believe me); Tim for taking care of launch, Johnny for scoring, Jan for check-in, Pete for sponsorship & prizes, Bryan, Itai & Louis for their talks, Kris for the photos, and of course Derek for organising the competition.

Anyone else keen for next year? Get your bids in to the Paragliding Competition Committee!

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