Come on Mother Nature, throw us a bone!!!

Thursday was another blowout, so pilots took advantage of the other exciting activities around Wanaka - mountain biking, tramping, motor biking.

In the evening, Itai Almog gave a talk about some of the considerations in selecting the right reserve for your size, wing and harness. Great insight in there.

I met up with the competition Technical Delegate, Johnny Hopper, for a chat about scoring and competition validity.

I zoned out when he started getting into the formulae for scoring - it's pretty complex stuff with loads of variables.

But he left me with an interesting titbit – the PG Open is only valid (for the purpose of selecting the NZ champion) if we get at least 2000 points of task value.

Task 1 was worth 407 points (that’s what Hugo, the winner, scored). So we need at least 1593 points over the remaining tasks in order to determine a new NZ champion – otherwise it’s determined based on the National Ladder.

It’s still possible, but we’re going to need some help from the weather on Friday and Saturday to get big tasks in!

For more photos, click here to have a look at Kris Ericksen's PG Open Album.

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