It seemed there was a chance we would fly.

The regular 9:30 briefing was postponed to 11am so we would have a better idea of what was possible.

The bad news came in shortly after 11 - not taskable.

It did look like we might still be able to get our feet off the ground, so a few keen beans headed over to Treble Cone to have a look.

More bad news. It was immediately clear that safe flying was not an option.

Oh well, get back in to Wanaka to prepare for tonight's talk - Louis Tapper gave a great presentation on planning and preparation for his kite surfing trip (2000km along the coast of Brazil!), and how it applies to paragliding.

Peter Groves also talked about the preparation for his big flight to Mt Cook last year. Actually he sort of talked about how he HADN'T prepared for it because it didn't look like it would be a big day.

One of his key messages was to never write a day off!

It certainly paid off for him that day; Leonardo link here: Pete Groves to Mt Cook.

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