Mark approaching base. Photo cred: Michal Karnik
Finally our hard work parawaiting has paid off, and we've had two days back in the air.

Day 5 (Wednesday) was hard work but we're on the scoreboard. Mark Hardman was the lead Kiwi, and fourth overall for the day, with a 43km flight.

There was over-development later in the day that brought some of the most intense rain we have ever seen in Manilla. Fortunately HQ at Godfrey's missed the worst of it, but we have reports of some tents floating away in town.

Day 6 was tricky too. It was a toss up between getting off early enough before the wind picked up, and waiting long enough for the ground to really dry from the previous night's rain.

The gaggle above launch got pretty crowded, but paid off for those who stuck it out. The longest flight was 79km, and our own Hamish Dicker got special mention for the longest flight in the Fun class.

Plenty of markers in the air
In case you missed it, you can catch Mark Hardman here, talking to Prime7 news about the upcoming Kiwi Open: Flying High Video

Most of the remaining Kiwi contingent is expected to descend on Manilla late today, so that pretty well guarantees a great flying day tomorrow. Doesn't it?

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