With a sky like that,
why am I on the ground?
Photo cred: Joe Ward
All the days seem to blend into one when you have great flying every day.

The task committee shook things up by having us go west for a change on Friday. The start was a 6km cylinder around Godfrey's House, then over to Boggabri with a 5km cylinder and north towards Narrabri with goal at Turrawan.

A fairly strong crosswind made it a tough task, with loads of pilots getting drilled trying to keep south enough to tag the first waypoint.

However we still had 46 pilots in goal, with Peter Slade in there first.

Middy was the first Kiwi and winner of the Sport class for the day, reaching goal in 2h12m.

This might be the first day since we've been here that no one on the Kiwi team has flown a PB. Come on guys, we still have two days of flying to go. You're not tired, are you?

Results: Highcloud Kiwi Open Results

Did you know you can live-track us? Check this out while we are flying, expected between around 2pm and 8pm Kiwi time: Kiwi Open Live Tracking

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