Blue skies and a light southerly gave us a slow, hard slog on Wednesday. It's a tough life.

The task was set up to Bingara, with a 1km cylinder around the town. Then a 10km exit around Bingara, and back in again, with a 2km end of speed, and 1km for goal. Confused?

Have a look at the track log for Glen Stevens, first Kiwi in to goal. Great idea for a task, and a successful one too, given 50 pilots made goal.

First in to goal was Brazilian Donizete Lemos, who got there in 2h47m. Donizete is no stranger to glory - a few months ago he broke the open distance record with a 514km flight in Brazil. Sadly he neglected to check in after his flight, and was therefore penalised 500 points.

That moves Peter Slade into the task winner position (again). That's all pending protests, which are expected in this case. Keeps things interesting.

Results: Highcloud Kiwi Open Results

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