You're joking, right? No FAI comp has ever completed a 214km task, and we need to fly that in less than six and a half hours?

We don't even have a waypoint for that. It's off the maps. It's almost Queensland!!

Fortunately we have 'can-do' pilots in this comp. And on Saturday they certainly showed they were up for the challenge, even on a blue day.

214km task
The first of 31 pilots to goal was Donizete Lemos of Brazil, in 5h20m.

Jeff Ripley was the first Kiwi in goal in just under six hours, with Reuben Muir 19 minutes later and Stuart Mackintosh another five minutes behind that.

Wayne Rohrs, Glen Stevens & Joe Ward came short, but all cracked the 200km mark, and Elliot Revell-Nash was not far behind at 182km.

Leading the scoreboard as we go in to the last task is Peter Slade, but it's a tight race. Let's see if he can hold on.

Results: Highcloud Kiwi Open Results

Live tracking: Kiwi Open Live Tracking

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