Updated National Paragliding Ladder.

You can download the latest version of the New Zealand paragliding ladder here.

It has been updated to include the six valid tasks from the PG Open (Round 1) that was held in Manilla.

Reuben Muir has overtaken Grant Middendorf at the top of the table and Jeff Ripley has climbed into third place.

Glen Stevens, Louis Tapper and Roy Tingay have all entered the Top Ten at the expense of Derek Divers, Mark Hardman and Eva Keim.

Joe Ward has appeared on the table - straight into 11th place!

Glen Stevens has scored the most ladder points (375) so far this season, while Nick Neynens is the biggest climber, moving up 28 places to number 15.

There are now 93 pilots on the ladder, and 52 of them have 277 points or less, so are facing the chop between seasons.

There are two competitions still scheduled this season that will affect this ladder.

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