Reubs in the lead, getting high up there.
Photo cred: Rhys Akers
We all know how important timing is in paragliding, and it seems the latest bunch of Kiwis to arrive really nailed their timing.

The classic Manilla conditions we've all been waiting for turned on just in time to give us a strong finish to XC Camp on Saturday.

The conditions were similar to Friday, with a moderate ESE. As with most days over the past week, launch was tricky but a little more friendly than we've seen lately, so most who wanted to get away, could do so.

The crowd spread out quickly, with small gaggles disappearing mostly over to Boggabri Gap then north.

We had a few pilots surprise themselves with new Personal Bests: Hamish Dicker at 42km, Peter Poboril at 55km & Adam Morrow at 74.6km.

Several Kiwi pilots were over the 100km mark: Rhys Akers at 103km (also a new PB!), Mark Hardman and Reuben Muir around 126km. Jeff Ripley & Grant Middendorf kept going, pulling out flights of 182km & 185km! These guys don't waste any time getting to know the place, do they?

A couple of other international pilots flew on, with Ari Sohlstrom from Finland cracking 200km. We'll keep an eye on him in the Kiwi Open next week.

The winner for the week was Karsten from Germany. Mark Hardman was the lead Kiwi pilot, and third overall.

Nice work, everyone. This is what it's meant to be like! Who's coming back next year?

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  1. I came to learn and achieved that, so I hope to return and give it a good nudge next year after putting some of this stuff into practice at home. Been writing notes on the way back to Sydney so I don't forget it all! Thanks heaps for the event.