Hang Gliding Worlds: Day 4


120km task with two legs racing up and down the main ridge with goal once again at the infamous Esplanada.

We had 3 start gates today with 15 minute intervals in order to try and break up the intense gaggles in the blue conditions that we're consistently getting here. John and I both took the first with about three-quarters of the field and raced off down course. John went low and ran the ridge with a handful of other dudes while I tried to stay high in messy broken lift. This turned out to be a bad call as the guys who soared the ridge low were much quicker and were about 15 minutes faster than me to the second turn-point.

I wasted some precious time mucking around in broken lift low on the ridge instead of pushing on and ridge soaring on route to TP2 and was soon caught by the 2nd start group. This messed with my head and I struggled to make good decisions with my frustrated mood. Eventually I caught up to John again over the big forest 30km before goal and we climbed up to 9500ft together only needing a small top up 10km further before making it into the Esplanada. Our times were slow but it was good to make it in there anyway. Tomorrows another day!

Derek landed just short of the second turnpoint struggling like many of us did in the stable disorganized lift down on the ridge.

Day 4 Results

1. Jonny Durand (Australia)
2. Mario Alonzi (France)
3. Atilla Bertok (Hungary)

NZ Team

47. John Smith
50. Jonas Lobitz
110. Derek McKee

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