Hang Gliding Worlds: Day 6/7

Jonas writes:
We battled a major inversion yesterday with light and punchy climbs we struggled to get above 7000ft (4000ft AGL). I took the first start with the majority of the field but was about 500ft lower than everyone so decided after about 5km to fly back to the cylinder for the second start. Bad move. I ended up in a worse position than I was in 15 minutes previously and was forced to fly well left of course line to get to lower ground to prevent landing on the plateau like many others in struggleville.
Climbs were really weak and the wind picked up to 20kmh blowing us straight west of course line. I scratched out of a brown paddock about 400ft above the ground and ended up linking up with a few other stragglers. By the time we finally topped out at 7500ft again we were 12km off course line and well behind the lead guys.
The day didn't get any easier for me from here as I edged my way towards the first turnpoint in the cross-head wind and I landed shortly after the TP1 not far from Derek.
Fortunately for me conditions were shutting down everywhere and many others went down soon after.
One Japanese legend, who no one had ever heard of before, Tanaka Genki, was the only person to make goal. It turned out he capitalized on the much stronger than forecast easterly winds and ridge soared the main ridge we launch from up and down the course-line. Total genius! The rest of us had followed the forecasts predictions which showed the best lift being on the main plateau and all fell into the same trap.

Day Results:

1. Tanaka Genki (Japan)
3. Mario Alonzi (France)

NZ Team

31. John Smith
61. Jonas Lobitz
62. Derek McKee

We had a mandatory rest day today after six consecutive days of flying so we spent that day relaxing, swimming and eating. The forecast looks stable again for the next two days with conditions potentially improving for the last day on Friday.

Derek writes:
Had a great flight today, everything was working well until Instantly the day shut down. Did some great catching up and noticed many gliders on the deck, I flew through a strong thermal to catch up to a gaggle that looked like a good thermal but just got there too low and was forced to the deck. John and Jonas and many more landed a few klms down the road.
Only one in goal yesterday. John 30th, Jonas 61st, Derek 62nd, Had my best result 61st for a day task so far.
One glider tumbled and pulled a chute, and may have suffered a broken leg or ankle but is fine otherwise. Another glider crashed on launch, we understand that this pilot is fine and well, Great to hear.
We are having rest day Tuesday then back into it for the final 3 days.

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