Hang Gliding Worlds: Day 2


The second day of the World Hang Gliding Championships in Brasilia was another banger. With a forecast for strong conditions and a high base the country considered by many as the hang gliding "mecca" of the world did not disappoint!

The task committee set a dog leg task of 128km with goal back in the Esplanada. For those unaware this is a park smack in the middle of Brasilia (a city of 2 million residents) located a few blocks down from the presidents workplace, Brazil's White-house equivalent.

Like yesterday the entire field of 130 took the first start gate.
Although the day was blue and cloudless thermals were well formed and smooth averaging around 700fpm up to 11,000ft. The blue conditions kept competitors closely together and we were often flying in gaggles of up to 60 gliders. Hopefully we'll get some clouds later in the week to separate the pack a bit.

John and myself were with the main gaggle for the majority of the course but got snipped on a dying climb on the final leg and wasted a crucial 10minutes circling in week lift while the big boys got away and sailed into goal. I waited for an 8:1 glide ratio before I left on final glide (there's a lake crossing, many houses and almost no landings before the Esplanada so it can pay to be slightly more conservative when going on final here).

I placed about 38th for the day, John 65th and Derek landed near the last turn-point.

The Italians cleaned up placing 1st, 2nd and 4th.

Overall results day 2:

1. Alex Ploner (Italy)
2. Christian Ciech (Italy)
3. Primoz Gricar (Germany)

For up to date news and video, don't forget to keep an eye on the team facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nzhangglidingbrazil2017/

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