Hang Gliding Worlds: Task 8

The flying just doesn't seem to be getting any easier here. We were hoping for clouds today and tomorrow but that doesn't look like it's going to happen which is really uncommon for Brasilia we are told. Conditions are definitely no where near as racey as how I remember it when I was here in 2012.

Scratchy and blue conditions aside, it was flyable, so the task committee set a 120km zig-zag course back to Esplanada in Brasilia. We went into gaggle battle again at the start today unable to get above 6000ft with weak and broken climbs. Most of the field took second start and several landed on the first glide out of the cylinder landing on the plateau behind launch. Derek was one of them.

John was going hard out the front again for most of the day frustrated with the thermal traffic he was generally one of the first to leave and would find the next climb.

The inversion seemed to break near the first turnpoint where we eventually got up to 9000ft in a 4-500fpm climb. At this point the task looked totally do-able so we all pulled on VG and raced off to the second TP. However just when we thought the day was starting to improve 40 minutes later on during the third leg we were scratching around in 2-300fpm climbs. Bugger!

We all dribbled our way to the third TP getting high one last time just before tagging the cylinder and then most of the field glided to the ground many landing just short of the 4th. I flew super conservative sensing that the day was coming to an end and stayed in weak 50-100fpm climb watching the sun getting lower and lower. I managed to get an extra 500ft on most of the others which gave me enough altitude to glide a few km's further before landing placing 4th for the day. John landed a couple k's behind me. No one made goal.

Day results

1. Primoz Gricar (Germany)
2. Josh Woods (Oz)
3. Jonny Durand (Oz)

NZ Team

4. Jonas
37. John
101. Derek


Tomorrow is the last day of the comp and with only 17 points separating the top three it's anyone game! Make sure you don't miss tomorrows live tracking. It's gonna be intense!


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