Hang gliding worlds Brasilia training day

7 Aug.
Derek McKee writes

I am a very happy boy today, I landed at the Esplanade, 70klm training flight 2.48 hours. John also got in 2.17 hours. Jonas still sussing his wing with a turn. Unbelievable feeling flying over and into the centre of the city. At the opening ceremony today the head of the air force was there explaining how they raised airspace for this competition, there was a huge eruption of applause from some very excited pilots aloud now to fly 11-12 thousand feet over a city. Over this competition you have to make sure you have enough height to glide 2klm over a lake on final glide with not too many landings, then you're right into the city, there will be some very interesting places pilots will be landing. At a previous Worlds a glider landed on the motorway not to mention some other interesting landings.

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