NZ Hang Gliding Worlds: Day 5



Tough day today. Most of the field had three goes at the start gate and were forced to take the last due to the 7000ft inversion making it a struggle to get away from takeoff. Eventually it broke and we climbed up to 10,000ft not long after the first turn-point. Our late start resulted in us almost running out of day to make it into goal.I managed to stay high near the end and just squeaked it in making one of the most intense final glides I have ever done. 13:1 glide, 20km from the Esplanada goal watching the sun go down. Happy to be in!

John landed just short as did many others.

Forecast for tomorrow is for clouds so fingers crossed and then a mandatory rest day on Tuesday.

Day Results

1. Peter Benes (Czechoslovakia)
2. Zac Majors (USA)

NZ Team

16. Jonas
74. John
101. Derek

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