Russell Read wins Kiwi Krushevo PG League

Russell Read has beaten the 8 other Kiwi Pilots in Krushevo, Macedonia, where he won 3 out of the 5 tasks.

Best Overall: Russell Read
Best Woman: Erica Caro
Best Serial Class: Russell Read
Best Sport Class: Rodger Kerr
Best Fun Class: Johnny Hopper

You can find the full scores, and task maps, here

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated with this result, and Russell has now moved to joint number one with Louis Tapper. You can find the latest ladder here.

A couple of pilots also nominated the Czech/Macedonian Open in Krushevo to contribute to their ladder score. We have to wait for the WPRS scoring to be completed before we can see how that affects the ladder. Also, a few overseas pilots, who's memberships have lapsed, have been removed from the ladder.

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