Hang Gliding Worlds: Final Day

Derek writes

Thank you Brasilia for such an amazing Worlds. This was my first Worlds, and making goal at Esplanade today made my day.

Well I got my first ever penalty at the Worlds. I will accept this penalty, however I was very aware of my ability to land safely, I had eyed up alternatives, At no stage did I feel unsafe. Well this was great to accomplish on my final day, The low altitude arrival to goal was so damn worth it, it will be interesting to watch the footage. To land 1 klm from goal on the final day would have been tough. My penalty took me from 75th to 84th position and I was really happy with this.

I landed at Esplanada twice, practice day and final day, both days had great punchy thermals with cloud.
The trackers we used were fantastic, We did not have to hand in our varios at all which made it all so simple.
One day these trackers will have a front and rear camera editing individual gliders to make an amazing spectators experience. Then bring on the sponsors to this amazing sport.
Well done John and Jonas on some amazing flying, Hagen for all the pick ups and support, Aylish for supporting the NZ Team.
We all had an amazing time, Thank you all for the contributions through Givealittle, we really needed your help and managed to pay for everything as well as handing in our damaged rental without any further cost.
Thankyou Jewels for looking after home base, Katie, Rupert, Myro, for all your help and support through give a little. To the Canterbury Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club for helping with Competition entry fees. To the NZHGPA for your contribution to the NZ funds, Mark Alton and Kris Erickson for the many emails and support back and fourth, Dan and Max, Rod for teaching me how to fly. For all the comments of support we recieved from out friends out there, that meant a lot.
John and I have just arrived at Sao Paulo, awaiting a flight to Chile, then off to Auckland and Christchurch. Hagen, Jonas and Aylish have split off now, see you soon dear friends.
To all our friends in the sky, see you again soon.
Thank you Brasilia and everyone involved whom made this amazing event possible.
"What a trip it's been"

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